Administrative Law – NCAT

NCAT law

Hosking Legal provides legal services for decisions reviewable under administration law in the NCAT tribunal.

This includes for authorised carers (foster carers) seeking the review of administrative decisions by Family and Community Services (‘FACS’). Such cases are heard in the ‘Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division’ of NCAT.

An administrative review application can be made to have the decision made by FACS reviewed by NCAT.

An authorised carer may be entitled to challenge certain administrative decisions made by FACS. These could include a decision to de-authorise them as carers as well as a decision to remove from their care children under the parental responsibility of the Minister for FACS.

Hosking Legal is able to advise and represent clients regarding the procedures involved including applications for internal review at FACS, and applications to NCAT. We can also advise on making urgent applications to seek a temporary suspension of the decision concerned.

We provide representation and advocacy for NCAT hearings.

Strict timeframes apply in NCAT matters for authorised carers seeking to challenge decisions made by FACS.

Hosking Legal also has experience in other areas of administrative law.

If you require assistance in this area of law please contact our office to book an appointment.